School, Class, & Graduation Photos

From PreK-Grade12
Where all the cool kids get their school photos done!

School photos are one of those things that parents both love and hate. I hope to take out the frustration of  having to do retakes because of the one and done mentality of regular school photos.  (although if needed its still an option)  I love working with kids, and generally take several poses for each student so that parents have options.  Usually your gallery of images will have roughly 5-10 photos to choose from. I also have a happiness guarantee.  If you don’t love your photos, we will take new ones. no charge.  I want the kids to have fun while doing photos, and usually that comes across in the images.

While I specialize in photos for pre kindergarten and kindergarten kids I love doing class photos, and individual photos for kids of all ages.

If you are interested in having your preschool/ kindergarten/ school or even daycare photographed, please contact me.


Something unique for these crazy times.


Park days still available for PreK and Cap and Gowns.
see below

As we all know, Covid-19 sure threw a wrench into all our lives. One of the saddest things is that our kids missed out on their Cap and Gown graduation photos.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to go about offering these again.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with one of the bussing companies and use two busses for a backdrop. I’m over the moon excited to be able to do this.

Now, due to Covid-19 and the potential contamination of fabrics, each person will have to have their own Caps and Gowns. We WILL NOT be able to re-use them.*(see bottom)* However, you will be able to purchase these items and keep them as a memento when you are done with the session (I have a vision of adorable shadow boxes with caps and tassels with your kids sweet smiles beside).

This is the best way to keep everyone safe and healthy, but still capture these precious memories.

June 27th Park Sessions Available.

Cap and gowns may be purchased until June 8th.

Cap and Gown Pricing:

Prints and Digitals sold separate.

PreK & Kindergarten

  • Caps (includes a 2020 tassel) $20
  • Cap and Gown set(with tassel) $30

Grade 8 & HighSchool

  • Caps(includes a 2020 tassel) $20
  • Cap and Gown set(with tassel) $60
  • I will contact you for sizing – I will need to know height head to toe

If you don’t want the cap and gown experience but do want to take advantage of sessions there will be a $10 non-refundable retainer to book your spot. It will be applied to any purchase you make.

Use this as your spring photos/sibling photos!  Siblings are more than welcome.  – If you have more than 3 kids, please book two spots.

Dates Available are:
Thursday June 11th.  9am-3pm.  BOOKED
Friday June 12th.  9am-3pm  BOOKED


Saturday June 27th – 1pm-6pm. BOOKED
Cap and gowns available for purchase until June 8th.

*NEW*  JUNE 18th 10am-3pm :
Grade 8 and 12  Bus Photos. Dress up, wear your grad dress or Suit.  Bring a Friend from your virtual household.

NEW! Grade 8 and 12!

Put on your grad dress and suit and join me one June 18th!

Are you a grade 8 or grade 12 grad (or do you know one), who missed out on putting your dress/suit on and showing it off?  Come join me for one last day of bus photos. Bring a friend/family member from your virtual household, and create some fun memories.   Sessions are 15 minutes. Packages and Digitals start at $25.

Still need more info?

Feel free to email me:

** Fabrics must be laundered and dried on high heat for a minimum of 20 minutes between clients: Due to government regulations:  this is the reason I have decided to do the ordering of cap and gowns for everyone individually. The health and safety of my clients is the highest priority. **