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Where all the cool kids get their school photos done!

School photos are one of those things that parents both love and hate. I hope to take out the frustration of  having to do retakes because of the one and done mentality of regular school photos.  (although if needed its still an option)  I love working with kids, and generally take several poses for each student so that parents have options.  Usually your gallery of images will have roughly 5-10 photos to choose from. I also have a happiness guarantee.  If you don’t love your photos, we will take new ones. no charge.  I want the kids to have fun while doing photos, and usually that comes across in the images.

While I specialize in photos for pre kindergarten and kindergarten kids I love doing class photos, and individual photos for kids of all ages.

If you are interested in having your preschool/ kindergarten/ school or even daycare photographed, please contact me.

2022-2023 School Year

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Tired of the regular school photos?

We have an answer for that….

Each year, AngylRavyn Photography provides hundreds of families the opportunity to capture their children in school photo style photos at great pricing and flexibility.

Something I pride myself on is my Happiness Guarantee. First of all, I don’t charge for you to come have have their photos taken. Second, You ONLY purchase what you love. If you are not happy with the photos, we can retake them. Also I always try my best to capture their personalities. You will have choices, none of this one click and change out the background stufff, you will get a minimum of 6 different images to choose from.  Print packages, specialty products, AND digitals are available for you to purchase.  The more you get the better the value.

Dates for Fall 2023

Dates for fall 2022 will be posted to my facebook  and instagram pages. at the beginning of the school year.  However if you aren’t on social media OR  just want to find another date. Please contact me. We can book another date that works for both our schedules.

Book an IN STUDIO session.

Cap and Gown/Spring Casual Photos 2023

Contact for information or to book your session.

Grade 8 and 12 Graduation Photos

Two types of Sessions.

Full Grad Sessions $550

Includes on location session Family, cap and gown and Formal dress photos.

  • in person viewing
  • 10 digital images
  • print packages available

Minimal Grad Session $300

  • in studio
  • formal dress & cap and gown
  • online gallery
  • 5 digital images
  • print packages available

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